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“Sometimes Things Just Work Out”

June 19th & 20th, 2012

By: Andrea

“Sometimes Things Just Work Out.”

It has been a phrase that has vexed me for years. Admittedly, I tend to have a rather pessimistic outlook on things and Paul is ever an optimist. Whenever we have a moment of success, regardless of how many disasters lie on either side of that success, Paul chimes in with his favourite little saying, “Sometimes things just work out!”. It used to make me cringe like nails on a chalk board. However, over the many years of him pointing out our tiny successes in life, I have begun to see the truth in it. Sometimes things do just work out and it is always good to acknowledge those moments.

A few posts ago I spoke about the dilemma of having to abort our hike to The Old Man of Stoer in order to catch the ferry to the Isle of Lewis. It was difficult to leave the Old Man behind because I had been excited to see it.

Well…..it turns out that the Old Man we were going to visit at that time was the wrong Old Man of Stoer. I had wanted to see the Old Man of Storr who lives on the Isle of Skye. So…today we made the hike to meet him and he did not disappoint. :-)

The trail was steep but varied which kept it interesting. At one point we were plunged into a very dense and dark pine forest. As I stepped under the dense canopy I was greeted with the strong scent of pine and, what smelled to me, much like lemon verbena. It was lovely and for the first time I realized why people use pine as an air freshener.

The atmosphere in this forest was thick…like something from a Tolkien novel and I half expected an elf or and orc to scutter across the path in front of me.

(above the forest, view of the Isle of Raasay and mainland Scotland in the distance)

We reached the top and took a moment for celebration.

Then we looked around and got lost in the beauty that surrounded us.

I found it very difficult to capture the grandness of the situation with my limited view in the lens of my camera.

I do find this kind of photography quite frustrating because nothing quite portrays the magnitude and the magnificence of what I am actually experiencing at the moment I snap the shot.

Of course, there were sheep up there…there are sheep absolutely everywhere! This suits me just fine because I have come to find sheep delightfully entertaining. I had just as much fun listening to them ‘baah’ at each other through the canyon as I did looking at the scenery.

Accommodations on the Isle of Skye are ridiculously expensive so we decided to make use of that tent we’ve been dragging everywhere with us and take advantage of the lack of a trespassing law in Scotland.  We drove close to the site of our hike for the next day and found a nice, soft, peat moss-covered spot to pitch our tent….in the middle of a sheep pasture, right under the magnificent cliffs of Quiraing.

The sheep were grazing further up the field and we listened to them bleat at each other in the distance as we drifted off to sleep.

At about 5 in the morning they discovered our tent. A group of what sounded like 5 or 6 of them surrounded the tent and had a very involved discussion about what we were and why we were there. It was quite comical and I wish I could have seen what was going on…it would have been an awesome photo!

Breakfast with my sweety surrounded by a million dollar view on all sides made it one of the nicest nights we’d had on our trip yet….just us and the sheep with majesty all around us.

It is true, “sometimes things just work out”…sometimes they work out by coincidence and the thing you thought you lost comes back to you in an unexpected way. Sometimes it works out because you have the creativity or sense of adventure to turn a bad situation into a better one. Regardless of how it works out…sometimes it does…and that makes me smile.