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Bombs Away!!!

August 12th, 2012

We are in Kelowna, British Columbia visiting my brother and his family.

On our way home from church, Paul noticed some smoke across the lake close to where Jer and Sarah live.

Kelowna sits in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, however, its’ climate is very different than your ‘typical’ alpine city. Kelowna is in the middle of a desert and in the summer, this means forest fires…lots of forest fires.

Sure enough…a fire had started about a mile and a half from their house. We spent the afternoon on high alert waiting for the evacuation notice to arrive via an urgent knock at the door.

We watched the water bombers skim the tops of the trees over our heads as it prepared to dump a load on the forest beside us.








I have to admit it was a surreal feeling watching these planes swoop a few hundred feet above our heads. It was strange to watch with the realization that what they were doing…they were doing for us. We were the people they were protecting. This beautiful home that we were watching them from was what they were working so hard to save. ┬áIt made it all so much more immediate than I have ever experienced before.

It made my appreciation for their efforts very personal.

In the end the firefighters did an amazing job and we were not required to leave.

Thank you to all those men and woman who fought for us today!