Glen Clova


We went for a short hike in Glen Clova just outside of Kurrimuir. Apparently this park backs onto Balmoral Estate. Apparently (according to the B&B owner who has done this man times) in the summer if you are out walking you might easliy come across Prince Charles and the boys hunting.

One thought on “Glen Clova

  1. Aunt Jo-an

    Hey You Two

    I have just read your latest posts and viewed your pictures, both of which are so interesting.

    One thought–I once again am reminded why Nova Scotia was named as it was–new Scotland in Latin. The earliest settlers must have easily identified with both the kind of weather we can get here days on end–cloudy, cool and drizzly, even in the summer–and with the topography–which in our more remote places looks sooooo much like the Scotland in your pictures.
    A ray of hope for you–when Wendy and I were in Scotland in July, the weather was gorgeous–hopefully things will change for the better.

    Safe travels!!


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