Genoa Bay

November 23rd, 2013

There is something to be said about a happy soul…

Genoa Bay is a tiny little inlet that lies on the far side of Mount Tzouhalem. It’s a hidden treasure that few tourists know about and Paul and I love to take the beautiful drive there, wander between the floating houses and look at the abundant sea life just below the water’s surface.

Genoa bay map

In fact, Jacques Costeau treasured the waters in this area as one of his favourite diving spots in the world!

Genoa Bay 1

The water under the docks here seems to emit its own light and the water glows aqua – like a giant aquarium – so the fish are quite easy to see. The fish here are so abundant that is is difficult to find a fish-free zone in your field of vision!

A friend of mine caught a shark, an octopus and a squid all off the docks here!

There always seems to be a seal following or observing us when we come here. I brought my friend here just after New Year’s and as we walked the docks we looked down to see a seal watching us from under the water right at our feet. It was a gorgeous Harbour Seal with an intricate design of grey with brown spots. It hung gracefully in the water with fish swirling to avoid it. It gazed up at us with huge puppy dog eyes and we stood in silent awe at this close encounter. It was truly magical!


Genoa Bay is a maze of floating houses. This house is off on its own – sort of a country house vs a city dwelling. I just love to look at it! What an interesting way to live! Floating on the ocean in a house – not a boat. It would certainly make moving a lot easier….not that you would ever want to leave this place.

This house is completely off the grid and is owned by a local artist.

Floating House Genoa Bay 2

On this particular visit to Genoa Bay, in late November, we arrived at low tide which allowed us access to The Point – the very tip of Mount Tzouhalem. From there we could see into the much larger Cowichan Bay and could hear the Sea Lions barking from across the water.

Genoa bay 8

It was late in the day and the sun was low. The air was warm and the breeze – sweet with the scents of the ocean.

Genoa Bay 9

I’m not sure what it is about nature. I can relax here…better than I can anywhere. I have always been one of those people who needs to be ‘doing something’. I often feel restless – like I’m missing something. In nature, I never feel this way. I stood on that point for well over an hour. Just standing there….not speaking much….just observing. Doting on the seals as they bobbed in the water just off the shore….

Genoa Bay 4Relishing the swans as they silently glided by….

Swans 2

SwansI was even entertained by a Christmas Tree Boat which reminded me that I was, indeed, on Vancouver Island where there is no shortage of colourful people.

Christams tree boatMoving to this island has, perhaps, been the most health concious thing I have ever done in my life.

This island has reminded me of my soul.

I poured myself into work and rush and stress for so many years that I believe I had killed it. Coming here, I have found it again and it is reawakening. I had forgotten how nature heals me. I had forgotten what it felt like to be content. Here, in this place…I am reminded and I can’t help but ‘be’. Here, that soul-sustenance I had long been without is so easily attainable and I feel my soul healing; replenishing each time I step into the green and blue.

Genoa Bay 7

There is something to be said about a happy soul….I’m just not sure the words have been created yet.

Until they are, I will escape to my happy places and I will continue to display photos as the only way I know to communicate how it feels.

Genoa Bay 10