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By: Andrea

After leaving Balmoral we drove North along the coast. It is a remarkably beautiful countryside with rolling green hills leading up to rustic fields of heather. It is also home to over 500 Whiskey distilleries.

We stopped in Dufftown at the Glenfiddich distillery. We would have liked to take the tour but it was already closed for the day. What a lovely little spot there though. They certainly understand the business of tourism as they have made the complex look like a lovely little European village. Very quaint.

We felt it appropriate to buy a shot of the local stuff when we stopped for dinner. Up to this time I have always thought Whiskey tasted like dirt mixed in gasoline but I have to admit I developed a small appreciation for the stuff that night. That being said we still couldn’t finish one shot between the two of us over dinner!

Turning a corner I yelled at Paul to stop the car. There were thousands of whiskey barrels piled in a lot and I just had to have a photo. They looked like the Pyramids of Western Europe! I love patterns found in regular life. I find them fun to photograph. There is just no way you could possibly believe how many barrels there were. I could only fit some of them in my frame!