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The Sheep Have Been Sheared and Our Little Cookie Has Arrived!

Oreos can be sweet and tasty or cute and wooly but they are always a treat!

This is my first spring on the farm and what a time of anticipation and celebration it is!

I have always loved spring. It has always been my favourite time of year. I love when the sun regains its strength and all of nature reaches up to meet it.

dafodils March 9th

I love the warmth on my face and those clear days when everything celebrates the end of winter.

blossoms - Mar 9

This past week has been just such a time here. The sun broke through the winter clouds and shone her warmth upon us and nature responded with an outburst of rejoicing.

delicate blossom - Mar 9

Little did I know, the night before I took these photos…another celebration had taken place!

This past Saturday night we welcomed a new little lamb to the farm.

Monday morning, Paul and I walked to the sheep field, camera in hand to get some photos of the newly sheared sheep.

Smokey met us at the door to the barn. He was sleek and black unlike his rotund and brown pre-sheared shape. He had a spring in his step and was ready to do battle. He charged Paul a few times as we slipped past him into the barn.

Ornery Smokey

Suddenly we heard an unfamiliar sound and realized why Smokey had been so overly-protective.

A tiny little bleat came from one of the stalls and we looked over the rail to see Mama with her new lamb. Just two days old!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.31.46 PM

Please ignore my ridiculousness in that video. I lose all sense of “cool” when baby animals are concerned but I just needed you to hear his cute little bleat. It’s too much to handle!

The barn is very dark but I did my best to get a few photos.


He (or she) (no one has bothered to find out yet) is the first spotted lamb I have ever seen and I just love his/her markings!

After I posted the above photo on my facebook page, my agent’s children named the little one. So “Oreo” it is, and I think it’s the perfect name. He’s such a little treat!

The little gaffer is quite a curious one and comes right over to me when I step into the stall.

Oreo & Me

He wants to know what I’m all about.

kisses from Oreo

And this is the moment when I fell in love. (I make a terrible farmer)

Falling in love with Oreo


Introducing OREO!So there he/she is. There is always something exciting happening on the farm. I just love it here!