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A Little Bit of Lovely…

It’s the middle of a long and cold winter and I’m sure everyone is ready for it to be over.

So I thought I’d post a few photos from the summer to give everyone hope that someday soon it will be green and warm again.

Paul and I took a trip to Victoria this past summer and toured the Parliament Buildings there. What gorgeous buildings!

I was quite taken with a particuarily interesting tree on the grounds…

Plaque about tree

tree in victoria 1

You just gotta love a tree that isn’t afraid to be different!tree in victoria

A fishing boat heads off to sea to hunt for the treasures of the deep….

sail away

This lovely vineyard is around the corner from our place. I captured this shot on a beautiful summer evening. I can’t wait for those long, warm evenings to return.


These crazy ladies are new to the farm this fall. The old ladies were shipped off and then these ones arrived a few weeks later. They were quiet and shy at first but that didn’t last too long. Now, whenever they catch sight of us they cackle loudly and the entire brood flaps and trips over each other to greet us. They are a continuous source of entertainment!

new chickens

The gardens here on the property are enchanting all year long but I do long for the days when everything is in bloom and the sun shines warm upon the water.

from gazeboWe have two types of water lily in the pond….white…

white water lily …and pink.

pink water lily

There is something about summer, all of nature seems to be a little more at ease…

Paul captured this photo of some deer behind our house this summer. We were receiving a classic British Columbia downpour so they nestled under the giant cedar tree to wait out the rain.

Deer in rainKeep the hope! Summer will soon be upon us and you will be lazily resting in the shade of a tree once more! :-)