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What’s Outside My Door?

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Some days I just don’t feel like going outside.

On a misty Saturday in January I’d just as soon stay in my PJs all day with a cup of tea and a fun little project to keep me occupied. Today was one of those days. Paul has had the flu all week and I haven’t been feeling great myself. I started a new job and life just seems a little overwhelming at the moment. Who could ask for better excuses to coccoon in the house for one little day?

However, Paul and I had made a pact when we moved here to spend our Saturdays exploring the Island. Over Christmas our schedule had been interrupted so it had been some time since our last expedition.

After a considerable amount of time spent wandering aimlessly around the house, gazing out windows we finally pushed our reluctant butts out the door.

It was actually a beautiful day. The sun had pushed its way through the clouds and dissolved the mist. It was a clear, balmy Saturday in January. Seven degrees and sunny.

We drove through the countryside and found ourselves at a provincial park near the banks of the Koksilah River.

We parked and agreed that a walk would be good for us.

As soon as the clean air hit our lungs, the lush, green forest filled our sights and the roar of the Koksilah met our ears we were invigorated and ready to meet the beauty beckoning to us.

We, as usual, were not disappointed.

Koksilah river 3

We didn’t hike for long, there was no need to go far.

Koksilah River 4

We climbed a cliff and looked out at the river below. The Koksilah River raced through a narrow groove in the rocks and bounced laughingly on its way. The sun set it aglow on its journey to the sea.

Koksilah River 2

We stood on carpets of moss on the cliff above and soaked in the warmth of the sunlight.

Moss along the Koksilah

It is moments like these that make me marvel that I could ever choose to stay inside. The world around me is so rich, so inviting and so desperate to share its beauty.

koksilah River

How many great moments in life have I sacrificed because I didn’t want to step outside my comfort zone? How many days did I hide from beauty; from blessing because it seemed too hard to make the effort? I wonder if I will ever be able to change my thinking; change it from, ‘I’m afraid to try’ to ‘I’m afraid to of what I will miss if I don’t”.