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Bald Is Beautiful!

There are some advantages to being bald.

It was a bright and sunny day on the island so Paul and I decided to hike upwards to get a better view of the area we now called home.

Mount Baldy is a small and unspectacular mountain. In fact, one barely notices him amongst all the other stunning sites. He sits in unimpressive silence, waiting for those few souls willing to take a chance on his mediocrity. As we did not feel like an overly strenuous hike we decided to give this puny and inconspicuous mound a chance to impress us.

As we began our hike we came across this beauty who lingered a while to check us out.

Curious Deer

Although Baldy is a little guy, the hike to his summit is rather steep in places and Paul and I found the need to stop occasionally to catch our breath. Luckily there were many shaded areas to protect us from the hot sun.

Canopy of trees on Mt. Baldy

Most of the hike left us surrounded in trees so there wasn’t much to look at other than various sizes of animal scat that left us wondering if we were walking into the path of a bear.

As we reached the summit the gravel path turned to solid rock and the rounded stone dropped off the side of the mountain in cascades of moss and lichen. The trees seemed to concede to the spectacular view that out ranked them in both beauty and granduer. We gasped as we rose over the last mound of rock and the lush valley suddenly appeared below us.

West View- Mount Baldy

With his summit of bald-faced rock, Mount Baldy supplied us with almost 360 degrees of stunning views. Mountains and lakes and trees as far as the eye could see stretched to the South and West and North.

Sooke Lake in the distanceWe sat and soaked in the beauty for a long time watching raptors soar below us and listening to miniature boats carry tiny, frollicking humans across the glistening waters of Shawnigan Lake below.

Shawnigan Lake From Mt Baldy

I do believe that there are few things more enjoyable than sitting in the warm sun on top of a mountain. There is something about being able to see for miles; something healing about having the world at your feet. From this vantage point nothing in my life seems too big to handle. Up here I can breathe and leave it all behind for a period of time.
Paul on Mt Baldy summit

It is truly peaceful.
view from Mt Baldy North

We savoured the views for ages and and then wandered to the other side of the summit looking for the trail down the mountain. It was then that we realized that no trees meant views from all sides and the sea was suddenly smiling up at us from the East.

Saanich Inlet and Gulf IslandsWith the warm sun on our backs we sat in silence soaking in the beauty of the Saanich Inlet and the Gulf Islands fading into the haze.

Baldy is a small mountain. It doesn’t catch anyone’s eye as you drive by. His name and his stature leave you believing he has little to offer. However, Mount Baldy taught me that one should never underestimate such places.

For it seems that it is the person who pre-judges who loses out in the end.