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Bed & Breakfast? You Betcha!

“The ornaments of your home are the people who smile upon entering time and time again.”
- Maralee McKee

I have learned that if you want people to come visit you – move to paradise. As soon as I mentioned that we were moving to the island the booking of visits began and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

My first visitor actually arrived the day after I did. My lovely friends Val, who runs Fire Exit Theatre Company in Calgary, ( ) and Kacie were on vacation in the islands when I arrived and were kind enough to stop by for a visit on my first full day here. I gave them a tour of the grounds. Kacie happily snapped photos while Smokey, the ram, smeared the green slime emitting from his nose all over Val’s shorts. (you just gotta love sheep)

I had nothing to offer them but a choice between grape juice or water but we still had a very nice visit. It was comforting to have a few familiar faces around for a couple of hours.

After Val and Kacie left, I resumed my unpacking duties preparing for my next guests to arrive.

On July 31st I drove to Victoria Airport to collect my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt had never been further West than Winnipeg in Canada and I was so excited to show her the wonders of the West Coast.

The sun was setting as we drove home so I could only guarantee them that the drive we were taking was beautiful and promise that we would traverse it again in the daylight.

When we arrived at the farm it was dark so we slipped past the magnificent gardens without them being aware of their presence. I have to admit there was something amusing to me that they had no idea the beauty that surrounded them.

I helped them carry their bags up the steps and opened the door to my little home. It was so exciting for me to have them enter my new place for the first time. To see that they loved it as much as I did when I first entered took me back to that moment a month ago and I looked upon my humble abode with ever-growing admiration.

We quickly got busy planning a very eventful week of exploration. I was as excited as they were to finally do some sight seeing in the area.

The next morning we piled into my little car and headed “up-island” to Parksville Beach. At this time of year the beach hosts the Quality Foods Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition. So we went to see what happens when you mix sand and artistry together.

We learned that the results can be quite spectacular!

sand sculptureMy photos don’t do the artwork justice as they are three dimensional and incredibly intricate. My aunt was thoroughly delighted by each one and we bounced back and forth between sculptures trying to decide on our favourite.

3 Men In a TubAfter a day in the sun we headed home for dinner and then over to Cowichan Bay for the best ice cream on the island.

( )

After picking up a cone of all-natural goodness from Morning Mist Ice Cream (formerly known as Udder Guys) we went for a walk along the water and watched the sun set over the bay.

Cow bay sunset1

The seals bobbed in the water as the sky turned the sea crimson.

It was a beautiful way to end our first day of sight-seeing in my new home.

cow bay sunset 2